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Turn Check-ins into Cash for Your Business

“When I checked into your restaurant on Facebook, over 1300 of my friends saw that I was here,” I explained to a restaurant owner. He stared blankly at me because he didn’t understand how my check-in could turn into dollars for him. A check-in is when a customer checks in to your venue through Facebook or their Foursquare account.

When checked in at the Livestrong Park for a SportingKC game, Facebook displayed a list of my friends who were there at the same time. I could have connected with them on Facebook to meetup for the game’s after party.

Brenda Roberts, owner of RSVP MedSpa is turning her check-ins into customer loyalty and more business. She is the first business owner I’ve met who understands the dollar value of check-ins. Her clientele are primarily upper middle-class men and women who are already on Facebook or Foursquare.

When they sign in for an appointment, her staff ask them to check into Facebook or Foursquare as well via their smartphone. “We reward customers with discounts the more they check-in,” she says. If they don’t have a smartphone, they are offered an iPad to check in.

“One lady wanted the discount so badly that she checked 20 times that day,” she laughs. “I told her that she had to physically check in.” How do you turn check-ins into dollars for your business?

Here’s a takeaway from Brenda:
#1 Offer a reward for frequent check-ins. Whether its a discount or some freebie, people love to accrue savings.

#2 Offer an easy way for your customers to check-in. If they don’t have a smartphone, have an iPad on hand for them to use.

Now turn those check-ins into dollars!


Facebook Launches Group Chat, Video Calling

Facebook announced today incorporating Skype’s video application and launching the new group chat redesign. Facebook users won’t have to download the application since it will be another utility within Facebook.

“The social infrastructure is important to the industry as it develops and we’re leaving the apps to entrepreneurs to create,” said Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook. “This is a different strategy compared to other internet marketing companies that prefer to build everything in-house. We want to focus on what we do best.

Five Reasons Your Business Should be on Facebook

Facebook boasts over 500 million users with 50 percent of those users who log in everyday. According to Facebook, the average user has 130 friends. If that’s not enough to convince you that you should have a presence on Facebook, here are five more reasons:

1. Your friends are on Facebook. The best way to market and promote your book or speaking engagements is to tell your friend on Facebook. Let’s do the math on the potential reach for the so-called average user. Say you have 130 friends who each have 130 friends. You tell your 130 friends about your book. Your 130 friends tell their 130 friends about your book. You’ve just told 16,900 people about your book! If 10% of them bought your product, that’s 1,690 products sold. Not bad for unpaid advertising!

2. You can instantly promote your product and services on Facebook. Create events for seminars or workshops featuring your product. If your seminar or workshop made a positive impact on an attendee, they can post their reaction on their wall to further your reach.

3. Your competition is on Facebook. Here are some examples of small businesses using Facebook’s “like” page or groups to promote their product or service:

Facebook Fan Pages
The Equine Dentist with 4,167 likes
HySmith Automotive and Truck Repair with 451 likes
The Tulsa Dentist with 6,603 likes
Jack’s Home Improvement with 551 likes

Facebook Groups
Dentist with 2,228 members

4. Customers are on Facebook. You can reach out to your customers who are on Facebook. If they love your product or service, they can post their review on their profile for all of their friends to read. Instant referrals!

5. Your target market has a group on Facebook. Let’s say you own an automotive accessories business. Here are some groups on Facebook that you could reach with your product:

Pimp My Ride with over 16,000 members
Automotive with 251 members

There are thousands of groups with special interests on Facebook. You could reach that group with your product or service message.

Just think, with a few clicks you could reach hundreds of people for your business. Of course there’s a strategy and tactic for connecting on Facebook. If you would like to know more, call me at 816.332.0720 or send an e-mail to HYPERLINK “” with your questions. If you have a Facebook success or not-so-success story, I want to hear it.

Is Your Facebook Profile for Sale?

Is your Facebook inbox flooded with friend requests? Be wary of accepting requests from people you barely know. Slimy marketing companies are setting up fake Facebook profiles to collect information for their purposes.

A client of mine, Gerald Wicklund, is fighting a fake Facebook profiler right now. The way it works is you receive a request to friend someone you barely know. However, you and the stranger have a gazillion mutual friends. You accept the request because your Aunt Mimi and Uncle Bobo wouldn’t friend that person unless they knew them right?

Not so fast. Uncle Bobo may have accepted strange person’s friend request because Aunt Mimi is a mutual friend. But Aunt Mimi may have accepted the request because Englebert is a mutual friend. Can you see how the deception can go on and on?

One unscrupulous marketer has advertised Facebook profiles for sale on Ebay. Another marketer advertises “warm leads” via Facebook fans. Or buying Facebook fans. One of those fans could be you.

Your profile could be for sale right now as a warm lead! How can you find out if your profile is for sale? That’s another topic in itself. In the meantime, be careful of accepting friend requests from people you barely know. Next time – should you buy followers on Twitter?

Three Ways to Fail at Social Media

Social Media is the holy grail of resurrecting or launching marketing and public relations campaigns online. We’ve all seen the amazing statistics of 500,000 users on Facebook worldwide. A gazillion users on Twitter everyday. And don’t get me started with LinkedIn, YouTube etc.

Companies see social media as way to bypass barriers erected by traditional advertising which is high costs in producing and placing ads.  Setting up a Facebook business page, Twitter account and LinkedIn profile is just the beginning though. Social media by nature is social, which means a heavy investment of time in building relationships with your target market.

I’ve identified 3 ways you can make social media fail for you. I’ve learned this the hard way and share these 3 keys to failure in hopes that you don’t make the same mistake I did.

#1 Don’t add links to your Facebook page, Twitter account or blog on your web site. I’m amazed at how many companies don’t synchronize their web site with the social media sites. All of your social media sites should mesh with your web presence.

#2 Don’t tell anyone to follow you or join your page on Facebook. If you rely on your social media staff to do this job for you, you’re doomed to fail. You need to ask people to follow you or join your page on Facebook.

#3 Don’t be original. Retweet other people’s tweets or use other people’s links as your Facebook status updates. Be a fount of other people’s information and soon you’ll be considered spammy.

Social media by its very nature is social. You must socialize, reach out, react, respond and talk! Show some personality and be interesting. And above all, invest time in social media. Believe me, it will pay off.


Insurance Expert Generates Leads Via Social Media

Steve Dasseos, owner of the

Steve Dasseos, owner of the

Steve Dasseos has been quoted by the Wall Street Journal, CNN, CNBC and other news organizations on travel insurance issues. Dasseos owns, an online travel insurance company. He has helped over 28,700 travelers understand travel insurance and how it benefits them.

Dasseos shared with me how he uses social media to increase his business.

How do you use social media to build your business?

I view my entire business’ persona as a one big social media profile. And, it’s delicately balanced – if I add in one place, I have to add another to balance it out.
I noticed that you have a blog. Do you update often?
I write 1 – 3 posts a week.

 Do you get a lot of comments?

Surprisingly, I have never received a legitimate comment to any of my 274 posts. Of course I do get a lot of Spam comments, but they get deleted.

 What’s your recommendation for businesses who want to use social media?

It depends what business’ USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is and who’s their ideal customer. Once that is known, then they can get down to the hard work of becoming a leading expert in their field.

I can tell you that once a person is widely recognized as a leading expert in their field, their life gets a lot easier.

How has social media affected your business?

In a very positive and profitable way. Truthfully, I can’t keep up with all the social media opportunities. I purposely devote 40% of my time to increasing my own & my business’ social media reach. I expect that to grow to 70% by mid-2011.

Has it generated any leads for you?
Yes, 100% of all my leads & sales come from one form of social media or another.
If so, how has it generated leads?
That gets back to the “everything I do is social media”. My key is building relationships with my clients and prospective clients. And, that includes screening out the people who would not be good clients. I am not afraid to turn down a sale if I feel that person would not be a good fit with our business.

What about you? Do you blog, tweet or use a Facebook fan page?

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