Prison Bathroom at Raytown Park

Yesterday I took my kids to Kenagy Park in Raytown. We visit that park almost everyday because it has a pond, walking trail, playground and skateboard park. I’ve never used the bathrooms until my daughter begged me to take her to the bathroom. I walked in and was stunned by no doors, no tissue and no running water in the sink.

Last summer Bob Smith, a board member on the Raytown Parks & Recreation board, asked me to apply to be a board member because the board had no representation from North Raytown and surprise – I actually use the parks! I don’t know who serves on that board but I would like to see their faces when they walk into this bathroom.

Being a social media marketer, I posted the picture of the bathroom on my Facebook page with 1,300+ friends. I emailed the mayor of Raytown a note about the bathroom and picture of the conversation on my wall. I have yet to hear from the mayor. Maybe he has never visited the bathroom because he’s too busy doing mayorly things like approving more ordinances.

But here are some of the comments I received from the bathroom post.


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