Customer Service a ‘la Twitter

Do you have a problem with a service or product? Forget the 1-800 line where you’re on hold and may talk to someone who barely speaks English. Try to contact your company via Twitter for a faster response.

I received a faster response using Twitter compared to VistaPrint and LivingSocial’s 1-800 line. I had built a web site for a client and paid his monthly hosting fee while he was out of town on a business project. Months passed by and I contacted him to see if he still wanted the web site. He didn’t want the site and I was stuck with the site and bill.

I called Vista Print’s 1-800# line several times to no avail. Both times I was put on hold and told that they would have to get supervisory approval. The last time the person told me she would call me back when her supervisor authorized the termination of the site. I waited a week and didn’t get the call.

Frustrated, I turned to Twitter. I tweeted my problem to @VistaPrint. Within hours I received a response.

I sent a direct message instead. The site was shutdown and I received a full refund.

My husband bought a deal from LivingSocial hoping to buy me some Mother’s Day Flowers. It was a $15 for $30 but he failed to read the fine print that FTD was charging $21 to $30 for delivering the flowers. “What kind of a deal is that?” He screamed at the laptop.

He called the 1-800 line and was put on hold for what seemed like forever. “Honey I don’t know what to do with this. I can’t speak to a living human being and I’m going to lose $15.” I told him that I would turn to Twitter.

He never uses Twitter and thinks its another online game. I tweeted @LivingSocial. They asked me to DM his account information. In just a few hours he gets a refund and some extra LivingSocial bucks for the inconvenience.

“Wow,” was his response when I told him how fast his problem was solved on Twitter.

How about you? Have you turned to Twitter when you were frustrated with your 1-800 phone experience?


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