Is cable TV dead?

I call it the fart channel exclusively on cable TV. Out of curiousity, I watched channel Beano that featured a “tootorial” with a comedian describing the process of flatulence. I laughed at the animation of food turning into farts then I turned it off. I didn’t rush out to buy Beano and wondered about the expense of buying a channel and producing the show.

Who would watch a show about flatulence? Today there’s the Liquidation Channel and shows called “Carve Your Abs in Bed” and “Say Goodbye to Acne” mixed into the usual cable TV fare of movie channels, Disney, Fox 4, etc. Some friends of mine who have 4 kids told me that they don’t have cable TV. Shocked at the revelation, I posted this on my Facebook status.

I received an outpouring of 30+ other friends who don’t have cable TV. They ranged widely in ages, marital status and number of children. Lisa Bruce of Columbia, MO. said, “We We got rid of it about a year ago and I am amazed at the time drain it was. ” She has a 5-year-old son.

Lily Kung in L.A. said she hasn’t watched TV or cable in about 6 months until last weekend. Franz Alva-Edrosalan in Virginia commented, “No cables here! And still alive!” Michelle Delgado-Wright, mother of 3 in Lee’s Summit, MO. said, “We moved here 5 years ago and it wasn’t in the budget. Since we lived without it this long, why get it now. I don’t even know when we would find the time to watch it. I don’t miss it at all!”

Of course, wi-fi and the Internet have created other channels for entertainment. Emily Galbraith of Lee Summit is a Hulu fan. “No digital,” she said. “But can’t live w/o my wifi. ” So who’s watching cable TV beside my 8-year-old daughter D’Andra who can’t miss iCarly?

According to MultiChannel News, the biggest group watching cable TV are adults 35 to 49-years-old with video on demand. Kids are spending more time on the Internet – 16 hours a week according to MultiChannel News. Which leaves me with the question, “Is cable TV dead?” What do you think?


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