The Unbudgeted Unexpected Idea

Diane Robertson and Jeremy Wood host "Just Down the Road"

I recently interviewed Jeremy Wood and Barry Douglas about their new travel show debuting July 1st to millions of viewers across the nation. “Down the Road” produced and directed by Lee’s Summit-based Cinematic Visions is the classic unbudgeted unexpected idea that’s yielding the unforecasted harvest. Jeremy got the idea for the show while he was on the set of the Steve & Kathy Show, another locally-produced Emmy-award winning show.

Jeremy and Diane Robertson, the co-host of the show, were doing a classic improv bit. They had chemistry and played off each other’s banter. “I got the idea for the show from conversations about long and short videos that we could produce on demand,” says Jeremy.”It would be a show that someone would pay to be a part of and something really creative that’s ours.”

The show is unscripted and offers a behind the scenes tours of off-the-main-road attractions across the Midwest. The idea has paid off with a deal for the show to broadcast into 123 million homes on Resort & Residence TV and the River Broadcasting Network. I love this project because it perfectly illustrates how ideas that are off the radar can payoff big.

Don’t be afraid of those creative ideas that seem to come out of nowhere. What would you do or where would you be if you followed through that “aha” moment you got while driving to work this morning? Write that idea down and dream again. You never know how far it will go.

Check out Jeremy’s dream come true on


2 Responses to “The Unbudgeted Unexpected Idea”

  1. 1 Phillip Hayes July 20, 2010 at 6:33 am

    Thee muse strikes again. Great idea cant wait to see.
    Nothing like finding hidden gems.

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