Insurance Expert Generates Leads Via Social Media

Steve Dasseos, owner of the

Steve Dasseos, owner of the

Steve Dasseos has been quoted by the Wall Street Journal, CNN, CNBC and other news organizations on travel insurance issues. Dasseos owns, an online travel insurance company. He has helped over 28,700 travelers understand travel insurance and how it benefits them.

Dasseos shared with me how he uses social media to increase his business.

How do you use social media to build your business?

I view my entire business’ persona as a one big social media profile. And, it’s delicately balanced – if I add in one place, I have to add another to balance it out.
I noticed that you have a blog. Do you update often?
I write 1 – 3 posts a week.

 Do you get a lot of comments?

Surprisingly, I have never received a legitimate comment to any of my 274 posts. Of course I do get a lot of Spam comments, but they get deleted.

 What’s your recommendation for businesses who want to use social media?

It depends what business’ USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is and who’s their ideal customer. Once that is known, then they can get down to the hard work of becoming a leading expert in their field.

I can tell you that once a person is widely recognized as a leading expert in their field, their life gets a lot easier.

How has social media affected your business?

In a very positive and profitable way. Truthfully, I can’t keep up with all the social media opportunities. I purposely devote 40% of my time to increasing my own & my business’ social media reach. I expect that to grow to 70% by mid-2011.

Has it generated any leads for you?
Yes, 100% of all my leads & sales come from one form of social media or another.
If so, how has it generated leads?
That gets back to the “everything I do is social media”. My key is building relationships with my clients and prospective clients. And, that includes screening out the people who would not be good clients. I am not afraid to turn down a sale if I feel that person would not be a good fit with our business.

What about you? Do you blog, tweet or use a Facebook fan page?


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